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Valentina SHMATOK
Matchmaking Center Manager

T.: +7 (812) 335 89 06
M.: +7 (911) 156 09 06

Matchmaking is an online system for scheduling and managing meetings. It will help you make advance individual appointments with the Forum attendees and draw up your own personal timetable. Matchmaking is the most efficient networking tool, capable of looking for business partners, establishing business connections, and arranging meetings with government representatives.


  • An opportunity to publish information on your company in order to promote or discover professional projects, goods, and services relevant to your business; 
  • Detailed information on the Forum attendees, which will help you look for companies that might interest you; 
  • Advance appointment and discussion of business negotiations within the Partneriat; 
  • A comfortable lounge for conducting pre-arranged meetings.
As a result, you will enjoy higher business efficiency thanks to an expanded network of targeted contacts and a productive use of your time.

How to participate?

The service is available in personal web-office after obligatory registration. The service is provided free of charge.

Programme and formats

Choose the format that suits you.


March 12-14, 2019

Matchmaking is designed to search for potential partners, to establish and develop business ties.

Supplier exchange

The event is aimed on developing and strengthening production cooperation ties between large and small enterprises.

Interregional Exchange of Intellectual Property

During the VII Interregional Exchange of Intellectual Property, developers will be given an opportunity to present their projects on public and hold personal meetings with investors, representatives of industrial enterprises, development institutions and authorities.