Exhibition Programme


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Elena Alekseevna LUNINA

T.: +7 (812) 320-07-47, 320-63-63 ext. 5010 pole@restec.ru

The exhibition is open to representatives of Russia's regional authorities, higher education institutions, and industry-wide foundations, associations, unions, and other community organisations, as well as heads of industrial enterprises and entities.


  • Promoting active cooperation, finding new and expanding existing contacts between the industrial, academic, and business communities;
  • Showcasing and implementing joint projects together with the city of St. Petersburg;
  • Promoting active cooperation in innovative development, and creating a research and technological environment for the rational use of the regions' intellectual, research, and technical potential.


  • power plant engineering
  • small-scale power generation
  • automotive industry
  • ship building
  • metallurgy
  • electronics
  • plastic and rubber production
  • construction
  • development
  • laser technology
  • transportation systems
  • environmental tool engineering
  • industrial innovation
  • knowledge-intensive and high-tech production
  • energy-efficient production and technology

How to contribute?

In order to contribute, please study the participation terms and conditions and contact our designated employee.