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The St. Petersburg Partneriat is a key federal SME networking event.

The Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg cordially invites you to the XIII ST. PETERSBURG SME PARTNERIAT: "St. Petersburg, Russian Regions and Foreign Countries", which will take place at the Expoforum CEC in St. Petersburg (Russia0, from March 12 to March 14, 2019, concurrently with the St. Petersburg Technical Fair.

The St. Petersburg Partneriat is an annual milestone for the business community, and one of St. Petersburg's largest convention and exhibition events dedicated to improving economic cooperation and interregional partnerships.

Goals of the Partneriat

The Partneriat's main goals include: boosting teamwork among enterprises, helping major industrial entities with subcontracting, leveraging the latest production technology as a means of manufacturing more competitive goods, and creating a more comfortable environment for establishing direct business contacts and looking for new partners, clients, and investors.

The Partneriat is a two-way street for all businesses from St. Petersburg and Russian and foreign regions!

Objectives of the Partneriat

  • Searching, establishing, and strengthening business contacts
  • Providing the local SMEs with an opportunity to enter regional markets with their goods and services.
  • Allowing major companies from St. Petersburg to contribute to strategic investment projects in other regions.
  • Improving interregional industrial cooperation and subcontracting among large, medium, and small enterprises.
  • Assisting businesses with the acquisition of labour resources.

Target Audience

Heads of higher education institutions from Russia and abroad; heads of industry-wide foundations, unions, and associations; and top management and representatives of industrial enterprises and organisations from St. Petersburg, Russian regions, and foreign countries, especially those specialising in the following: mechanical engineering (automotive industry, engine building, optics and mechanics, electronics, tool engineering), metallurgy and metal working, power engineering, energy-efficient solutions, chemicals, plastic and rubber manufacture, nanotechnology, laser technology, the environment, construction and development, transportation systems, IT, and the agrarian and industrial complex.

For twelve years now, the Partneriat has been welcoming representatives of large, medium, and small enterprises, who receive every opportunity to communicate, find new contacts, and present their products and innovations. Just as in the previous years, the event programme has been compiled with meticulous attention to all the challenges faced by business, as well as to the participants' interests and needs. We adhere to the most professional approach to resolving any issues that may arise today before the business communities of St. Petersburg and other Russian regions.

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