Правительство Санкт-ПетербургаПетербургский ПартнериатСовместно с Петербургской технической ярмаркой

15-17 march 2016

St. Petersburg,
Convention and Exhibition Centre EXPOFORUM
Мероприятие завершено

Partneriat 2016

The Partneriat is the largest Russia’s event covering the issues of economic cooperation and interregional relations. The Partneriat is aimed to facilitate economic growth, strengthen interregional relations and provide favorable conditions for efficient dialogue and partnerships. It is also created to support information exchange, development of business contacts and attraction of new partner, customers and investors.

Partneriat audience:

- heads of Russian and foreign higher education institutions

- heads of industry-specific foundations and associations

- top managers and representatives of enterprises and companies from St. Petersburg, Russian and foreign regions, specializing in mechanical engineering (machine building, opto-mechanical engineering, electronics, instrument making), metallurgy, metalworking, electric power industry, energy-efficient solutions, chemical industry, plastics and rubber industry, nanotechnologies, laser technologies, ecology, construction and development, transport systems, IT technologies.

For ten years now, the Partneriat has been gathering representatives of big, small and medium businesses. The event provides an efficient platform for business meetings and demonstration of products and innovations. As well as the previous years, the current Partneriat program is designed to focus on participants’ interests and demands, and it is aimed to solve the main issues, existing in the Russian and foreign business community.

Types of participation:

  • Matchmaking center – face-to-face meetings according to pre-arranged schedule in the negotiation area on the venue.  

Online system for meeting arrangement will enable you to:

  1. feature information about your company at the Partneriat website to promote projects, products or services among professionals;
  2. find business partners among people, planning participation in the event;
  3. arrange your meetings beforehand and select a subject to discuss
  • Presentation zone

You have an opportunity to make a presentation about your company, projects and developments. Presentations are held according to pre-arranged schedule which is available on the Partneriat website and sent to all participants.

  • Consultancy Business Centre

You may work at the Partneriat as a business consultant or get business advice. Business consultants’ schedule is available on the Partneriat website and sent to all participants.

Administrations and Chambers of Industry and Commerce of 10 Russian regions will present the potential of the industrial industry in the joint exposition.